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Release Day Blitz and Blog Tour Sign-Up: Hourglass Heights by Ian David Noakes

We’re proud to announce our upcoming Book Blitz and Blog Tour for Hourglass Heights by Ian David Noakes. Hourglass Heights has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize™ in the U.K., and it is also a contender for the National Book Awards.

The Release Day Blitz will take place on December 30th 2014 , and the Blog Tour will run from 12th January 2015 to 12th February 2015. If you would like to participate in either event, please fill out the form below. Please note that signing up will not guarantee you a spot on the blog tour.

Those selected for the tour will be emailed prior to the start of the tour with confirmation of their tour date then later a personalized tour kit will be provided in both HTML and text.

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All bloggers signing up for both the release day blitz, and the blog tour will be entered in to a draw to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 



Hourglass HeightsTITLE: Hourglass Heights
AUTHOR: Ian David Noakes
GENRE: Erotic, Horror, Thriller
PAGES: 277
PUBLISHER: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.



Who is brutally murdering the male residents of the Hourglass Heights apartment complex? At first glance, it would appear that their spouses are the killers, but Detective Marcia Tanaka believes that a serial killer is responsible.

​Through the course of her investigation, Detective Tanaka is pulled into a world of Japanese folklore and the supernatural as she explores the darker side of relationships, sex and psyche. She must learn to defeat her own personal demons before she can defeat one that is far more sinister.

Hourglass Heights combines the mystery and suspense of a supernatural murder investigation with the intense sexual exploration usually found only in erotica.


Author Bio:

Ian David Noakes is a former projectionist who now loves writing stuff: funny stuff like Partners In Crime; Scary stuff like Hourglass Heights. And even serious stuff like Tables Turned.

As Ian had too much time on his hands with only his wife, five children, screenwriting, novel writing and Mocha drinking trips to Starbucks, he decided to train to become a behavorial therapist too.

Ian started writing his debut novel, Hourglass Heights, during the of summer of 2012 after producers were complimenting his ‘dynamic writing style’ year after year, writing that would never be read more than a handful of times in a window-less office.

He completed it a year later, but during the publishing process he completed two novellas (Partners In Crime, Tables Turned), as well as his second novel, The Ancient Lawman.

Hourglass Heights has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize™ in the U.K., and it is also a contender for the National Book Awards.

“Noakes knows his way around words and paints a brilliant, dark world where creatures of the night become all too real.” –MIKE J. HULTQUIST – Author/Screenwriter (Victim, Squeal: Blood Harvest and Arena – starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz)




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