My Life As I Knew It by Brenda Thornlow

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Tour Sign-Up: My Life As I Knew It
By Brenda Thornlow


We’re proud to announce our upcoming Blog Tour for My Life as I Knew It by Brenda Thornlow. This tour will run from 21st September to 27th September 2015. If you would like to participate in this blitz, please fill out the form below. Please note that signing up will not guarantee you a spot on the tour.

Those selected will be emailed prior to the start of the tour with confirmation, then later a personalized tour kit will be provided in both HTML and text.

All tour host info and guidelines can be found here.


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Title: My Life As I Knew It

Author:  Brenda Thornlow

Genres: Adult | Contemporary | Time Travel

Publisher: Brenda Thornlow (24 Jun. 2014)

Print Length: 115 pages


What would you do if you were sent back in time for some unknown reason?

When Brianna wakes up this morning she will be faced with that very question. Brianna lives in New York with her husband, the love of her life, Greg. She’s happily married, has a great job, travels around the world and this year will be celebrating her birthday in style.

Until the morning she wakes up in an apartment 3,000 miles from where she and Greg live, and seventeen years in the past! Returning to a life she hoped she would never have to think about ever again, much less re-live!





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