What you need to know before applying to Bit’N…

For Authors


We Accept:

  • Novels that are pre-release and post-release as long as they are edited to a professional standard – Please note that we will require a 5 chapter sample of your novel before any agreements are entered into.
  • Self-published novels.
  • Genres we prefer are dark/contemporary/urban fantasy, paranormal (especially paranormal romance), anything with a supernatural being (werewolves, vampires, demons, ghosts etc), thriller (especially psychological), mystery, dystopia, chick-lit, humour, horror, YA and NA. Though we will accept almost anything if we like the sound of it.
  • Genres we do not accept are non-fiction, hardcore erotica & BDSM, children’s fiction and anything with purposely offensive content.

What we need from you:

  • You must contact us around two months in advance so we can set everything up for tour packages. Other services such as the blitzes do not require as much time, though we would appreciate at least a month to set them up. You must inform us if you have any other tours, blitzes, etc., booked, along with the date(s) to ensure that promotions do not coincide, or overlap.
  • You must provide at least one ebook for the giveaway. Any other merchandise is welcome alongside it.
  • You must provide us with a review copy to hand over to the blogs that are reviewing your novel.
  • Being active and promoting during your tour will improve the overall success of it. We do not guarantee success of the tour regardless of our efforts but we strive to get your book out there to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how well a tour will do, though your help will greatly increase its exposure.
  • Once you have paid, there are no refunds. We ask that once you have signed up to a tour and we have accepted your request, you have 48 hours to pay so please bear that in mind before contacting us.

Any questions? Please contact us.

For Blog Hosts


Our requirements of you are:

  • You must be dedicated, reliable hosts and make the most of the tour. Any lack of commitment that causes major disruptions to the tour may require us to request your resignation as a host.
  • We ask that the tour post be at the top of your blog for as long as you can spare that day. We ask that the link for the post be sent to us as soon as you have it so we have time to promote it.
  • If for whatever reason you realize you cannot participate in the tour after being added to the schedule, you must give us at least five days prior notice.
  • If you’re reviewing, we’d like for you to have the review ready for the tour date. We give you roughly two months to read and review the book from the time you receive it. You do not need to send the review to us, just add it (or the link to it) to your tour post.
  • If your review is below three stars, then we ask you to post it after the date of your tour post so it doesn’t affect the author’s tour.
  • Facebook posts and tweeting about the tour is expected of you, as are any other forms of promotion available to you, so please bear this in mind before you sign up as a blog host.

​Any questions? Please contact us.

To request to be a tour host, please go to the Sign Up page and fill in the form or subscribe to our newsletter below and then sign up to a tour that appeals to you. We will contact you within three working days unless we’re super busy.

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